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ELSE: Emergent Large-Scale Evolution

Introducing ELSE

A continuous improvement approach that fosters emergent practices, guided by actionable principles, to enhance agility at scale.

Beta! The content of the ELSE wiki is very much Emergent and in a state of Evolution. It is our hope that the guidance is helpful, however we value your feedback to help us continually iterate and evolve the content.

ELSE Perspectives and Principles

Perspective Principles
Defining Products
Product Ownership

At the core of ELSE are the Principles. They are giving the "true north", the direction we aim for. Here are the links to them, categorised based on the area they belong to.
But principles often work together, and the perspectives are intended to capture these relationships and provide a narrative to give coherence to the system of Principles.


During the modelling of ELSE, we developed also several ideas and workshop formats that are good practices when implementing agile at scale, yet, not driving principles. Therefore we created a growing collection of Practices that will grown over time.

Worked Examples

Real-life examples will be illustrated here.


During our work we have devised some techniques and workshop formats that will be documented soonish...


Here is a comprehensive set of references.


Here is glossary defining the most important terms and concepts.


The following people are currently involved actively in this initiative: Colin Bird, Jan B. Olsen, Pierluigi Pugliese, Matt Roadnight and Simon Roberts.